Saturday, June 30, 2018

Playlist 6/29/18 - Todd special!

Pat's Power Pop Hours (Music) with Power Pop Pat 06/29/2018 06:00PM to 08:00PM

06:04PM-06:07PM (3:00) Todd Rundgren “International Feel” from A Wizard, A True Star

06:07PM-06:13PM (5:30) Todd Rundgren “Drive” from The Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect

06:13PM-06:16PM (3:00) Todd Rundgren “We Gotta Get You A Woman” from Anthology

08:10PM-08:13PM (3:00) Todd Rundgren “Couldn't I Just Tell You” from Something/Anything? (1972) on Bearsville (USA)

08:13PM-08:16PM (3:00) Todd Rundgren “Just One Victory” from A Wizard, A True Star

08:16PM-08:19PM (3:00) Todd Rundgren “If Six Was Nine (Jimi Hendrix Cover)” from Faithful (1983)

08:19PM-08:22PM (3:00) Todd Rundgren “black and white” from Faithful (1983)

08:22PM-08:25PM (3:07) Todd Rundgren “Let's Do This (feat. Moe Berg)” from White Knight (CD, Album, Private, 2017) on Cleopatra (USA)

08:25PM-08:28PM (3:00) Todd Rundgren “Wolfman Jack” from Something/Anything? (1972) on Bearsville (USA)

08:28PM-08:31PM (3:00) Todd Rundgren “All the Children Sing” from Hermit of Mink Hollow (1978)

08:31PM-08:34PM (3:00) Todd Rundgren “I Saw The Light” from Something/Anything? (1972) on Bearsville (USA)

08:34PM-08:37PM (3:00) Todd Rundgren “Can We Still Be Friends?” from Hermit of Mink Hollow (1978)

08:37PM-08:40PM (3:00) Missy Miller “Compassion” composed by Todd Rundgren from For The Love Of Todd: A Tribute to Todd Rundgren

08:40PM-09:16PM (36:00) Todd Rundgren “A Treatise on Cosmic Fire” from Initiation (Single, 1983)

08:46PM-08:49PM (3:00) Todd Rundgren “Hello It's Me” from Something/Anything? (1972) on Bearsville (USA)

08:49PM-08:52PM (3:00) Todd Rundgren “You Cried Wolf” from Hermit of Mink Hollow (1978)

08:52PM-08:55PM (3:00) Todd Rundgren “We Gotta Get You a Woman” from Runt (1970)

08:55PM-08:58PM (3:00) Todd Rundgren “Good Vibrations” from Faithful (1983)

08:58PM-09:01PM (2:45) Nazz “Open My Eyes” from Nazz (Bonus Track Version) (Rock) on Sanctuary Records (UK)

09:01PM-09:04PM (3:00) Todd Rundgren “The Want of a Nail (with Bobby Womack)” from Nearly Human (1989)

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