Sunday, August 28, 2016

Playlist 7/22/16

Playlist For Pat's Power Pop (& Punk!) Hours
Aired On 07/22/2016
Hosted By: Pat Keenan
Artist Song Recording
1 The Ramones Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio? Ramones Mania!
2 Bram Tchaikovsky Strange Man, Changed Man Strange Man, Changed Man
3 The Jam David Watts (Kinks Cover) All Mod Cons
4 Bram Tchaikovsky Lonely Dancer Strange Man, Changed Man
5 Missing Persons Color In Your Life The Best Of Missing Persons
6 Bram Tchaikovsky Bloodline Strange Man, Changed Man
7 The Records Starry Eyes Shades In Bed
8 Bram Tchaikovsky Girl Of My Dreams Strange Man, Changed Man
9 The Kinks Top Of The Pops Everybody's in Show-Biz
10 The Motors Dancing The Night Away Motors 1
11 The Romantics What I Like About You What I Like About You
12 Badfinger Baby Blue Straight Up
13 The Dead Milkmen Bitchin' Camaro Big Lizard in My Backyard
14 The Queers Janelle Janelle Don't Back Down
15 Fear I Don't Care About You (Sanitized) The Record
16 Sex Pistols EMI Never Mind the Bollocks
17 The Misfits Monster Mash Cuts From The Crypt
18 The Soft Boys I Wanna Destroy You Underwater Moonlight
19 Prince & the Revolution Take Me With U Purple Rain
20 Duran Duran Rio Rio
21 Todd Rundgren Strawberry Fields Forever Faithful
22 Bay City Rollers Saturday Night The Definitive Collection
23 The Stonethrowers TV Song Mental Tattoo
24 The Ramones Psycho Therapy Ramones Mania!

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