Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Playlist 1/24/14

Playlist For Pat's Power Pop (& Punk!) Hours
Aired On 01/24/2014
Hosted By: Pat Keenan
Artist Song Recording
1 The Ramones Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio? Greatest Hits
2 Urge Overkill Sister Havana Saturation
3 Bram Tchaikovsky Girl Of My Dreams Strange Man, Changed Man
4 Television Marquee Moon Marquee Moon
5 The Fold Closer To The Ground Moving Past
6 The Pack A. D. Airborne Do Not Engage
7 The Melismatics Halo Rising Tide
8 The Pack A. D. Animal Do Not Engage
9 Dog Day Blackened Fade Out
10 Katey Laurel The Optimist Periscope
11 The Ramones Rock 'n' Roll High School Greatest Hits
12 Jamie Hoover Izzat Love For the Love of Todd: a Tribute to Todd Rundgren
13 The Replacements Black Diamond Let It Be
14 Kiss Black Diamond Kiss
15 Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks Planetary Motion Wig Out At Jagbags
16 The Records Teenarama Shades In Bed
17 The Fold Moving Past Moving Past
18 Todd Rundgren Determination Hermit of Mink Hollow
19 The Eyeliners Sealed With A Kiss Sealed with a Kiss
20 Against Me! True Trans Soul Rebel Transgender Dysphoria Blues
21 The Last Unreal Love Danger
22 Against Me! Unconditional Love Transgender Dysphoria Blues
23 The Dead Milkmen Meaningless Upbeat Happy Song The King In Yellow
24 Against Me! Two Coffing Transgender Dysphoria Blues
25 Dum Dum Girls Cult Of Love Too True
26 Adventure Galley Cult Classic Anywhere That's Wild
27 The Kinks A Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Misfits
28 Sweet Wig Wam Bam The Best Of Sweet
29 The Ramones I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend Greatest Hits

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