Monday, July 15, 2013

Playlist 7/12/13

Playlist For Pat's Power Pop (& Punk!) Hours
Aired On 07/12/2013
Hosted By: Pat Keenan
Artist Song Recording
1 The Ramones Do You Remember Rock 'N' Roll Radio? Greatest Hits
2 The Kinks Animal To The Bone
3 The Kinks Babies Phobia
4 The Kinks The Road Live The Road
5 The Kinks Aggravation UK Jive
6 The Kinks Killing Time Think Visual
7 The Kinks Do It Again Word Of Mouth
8 The Kinks Heart Of Gold State Of Confusion
9 The Kinks Better Things Give the People What They Want
10 The Kinks Attitude Low Budget
11 The Kinks Misfits Misfits
12 The Kinks Life On The Road Sleepwalker
13 The Kinks No More Looking Back Schoolboys in Disgrace
14 The Kinks Ducks On The Wall Soap Opera
15 The Kinks O Where Oh Where Is Love Preservation: Act 2
16 The Kinks Sweet Lady Genevieve Preservation: Act 1
17 The Kinks Pictures In The Sand The Great Lost Kinks Album
18 The Kinks Motorways Everybody's in Show-Biz
19 The Kinks She's Got Everything Kink Kronicles
20 The Kinks Have A Cuppa Tea Muswell Hillbillies
21 The Kinks Dreams Pearcy Soundtrack
22 The Kinks Lola Lola Versus Powerman and The Moneygoround
23 The Ramones Pinhead Greatest Hits

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