Friday, April 08, 2011

Playlist 4/1/11

Playlist For Pat's Power Pop Hours
Aired On 04/01/2011
Hosted By: Pat Keenan
Artist Song Recording
1 The Ramones Do You Remember Rock & Roll Radio? Loud, Fast Ramones: Their Toughest Hits
2 New York Dolls Fool For You Baby Dancing Backward In High Heels
3 New York Dolls I'm So Fabulous Dancing Backward In High Heels
4 The Damned I Think I'm Wonderful Best of the Damned: Total Damnation
5 The Donnas Hot Pants Turn 21
6 The Replacements Color Me Impressed Don't You Know Who I Think I Was?: The Best of the Replacements
7 Second Academy bohemian Groove Bohemian Groove
8 The Sisters Of Mercy This Corrosion Greatest Hits Volume One A Slight Case Of Overbombing
9 Second Academy Perfectly Wrong Bohemian Groove
10 Finish Ticket New York Shake A Symphony
11 Paul Gilbert Million Dollar Smile King of Clubs
12 Todd Rundgren Mad Arena
13 The Kills Future Starts Slow Blood Pressures
14 Matthew Sweet Falling Platinum & Gold Collection
15 The Kills Satellite Blood Pressures
16 Laurie Biagini A Beautiful Dream A Far-Out Place
17 Vivian Girls The Other Girls Share The Joy
18 The Posies (Featuring Kay Hanley) The Glitter Prize Blood/Candy
19 Beady Eye The Roller Different Gear, Still Speeding
20 Spectravox Gene Simmons Feel It. Trust It.
21 Todd Rundgren Just One Victory Anthology
22 The Eddies Debbie Jones Twice Around the World
23 The Chevelles C'mon Everybody Barbarella Girl God
24 Bad Religion The Day The Earth Stalled The Dissent Of Man
25 The Exploited F@#k The System F@#k The System
26 The Ramones The Crusher Loud, Fast Ramones: Their Toughest Hits

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