Saturday, September 12, 2009

Playlist 9/11/09

Playlist For Pat's Power Pop Hours
Aired On 09/11/2009

Hosted By: Pat Keenan
Artist Song Recording
1 The Ramones Do You Remember Rock & Roll Radio? Anthology
2 Suzi Quatro Can The Can Suzi Quatro
3 Care Bears On Fire Superteen Get Over It
4 The Pneurotics Roses Second Skin
5 Yo La Tengo Avalon Or Someone Very Similar Popular Songs
6 The Pneurotics Just Second Skin
7 Mike Grutka Top Of The World Ria
8 The Pneurotics Air Second Skin
9 Suzi Quatro 48 Crash Suzi Quatro
10 Rifles The Great Escapes The Great Escape
11 The Proclaimers Love Can Move Mountains Notes & Rhymes
12 Drummer Lottery Dust Feel Good Together
13 Vivian Girls Can't Get Over You Everything Goes Wrong
14 Suzi Quatro Glycerine Queen Suzi Quatro
15 Vivian Girls I Have No Fun...... Everything Goes Wrong
16 Frank Turner Live Fast Die Old Poetry Of The Deed
17 Left Setter Refuse To Care Irene
18 Matthew Sweet And Susanna Hoffs Couldn't I Just Tell You? Under The Covers Vol. 2
19 Todd Rundgren Drive The Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect
20 Matthew Sweet And Susanna Hoffs Hello It's Me Under The Covers Vol. 2
21 Gordon Gano & The Ryans Man In The Sand Under The Sun
22 Suzi Quatro Rock Hard Rock Hard
23 Laurie Biagini You're A Dangerous Thing Ridin' The Wave
24 Lunic The Dark House Lovethief
25 Yo La Tengo Nothing To Hide Popular Songs
26 JET Beat The Beat Shaka Rock
27 Laurie Biagini Away on a Cloud Ridin' The Wave
28 Care Bears On Fire Gym Class Haze Get Over It
29 The Ramones Howlin' At The Moon (Sha La La) Anthology

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