Sunday, August 30, 2009

Playlist 8/28/09

Playlist For Pat's Power Pop Hours
Aired On 08/28/2009
Hosted By: Pat Keenan
Artist Song Recording
1 The Ramones Do You Remember Rock & Roll Radio? Loud, Fast Ramones: Their Toughest Hits
2 Care Bears On Fire Gym Class Haze Get Over It
3 The Apples In Stereo Energy #1 Hits Explosion
4 Arctic Monkeys My Propeller Humbug
5 The Apples In Stereo Go! #1 Hits Explosion
6 Play. Dance. Repeat. Catch 22 Play. Dance. Repeat.
7 The Apples In Stereo Strawberry Fire #1 Hits Explosion
8 Rocket Guitar Center Love Song Girls with Candy Hearts
9 The Apples In Stereo Seems So #1 Hits Explosion
10 Matthew Sweet And Susanna Hoffs Second Hand News Under The Covers Vol. 2
11 Chris Hawkes Fairweather Friend Because I Feel That Way Too
12 Jupiter One Volcano Sunshower
13 H. E. Miller Rocking Tonight Apocalyptic Dreams
14 Jupiter One Flaming Arrow Sunshower
15 Brian Larsen Gotta Get You Breaking
16 Courtney Yasmineh Daydrunk Beautiful Lonely
17 The Pinx Impatience Look What You Made Me Do
18 NOFX Creeping Out Sarah Coaster
19 Hornet Leg Wait Ribbon Of Fear
20 The Replacements Hold My Life Tim
21 Hornet Leg Ribbon Of Fear Ribbon Of Fear
22 New York Dolls Lonely So Long 'Cause I Said So
23 Mean Creek The Sky (Or The Underground) The Sky (or The Underground)
24 Todd Rundgren Hideaway Anthology
25 Utopia Princess Of The Universe Redux 92
26 Paul Weller Up In Suzie's Room Catch-Flame!
27 Spectravox Four Big Guys In A Car Spectravox
28 The Ramones I Just Wanna Have Something To Do Loud, Fast Ramones: Their Toughest Hits

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